Epworth Villa Wellness

Epworth Villa Wellness ClassroomWellness begins with mind, body and soul. At Epworth Villa, we believe that overall wellness includes physical, spiritual, emotional, social, vocational and intellectual dimensions. Therefore, our program offers a wide variety of well-rounded activities that all residents can enjoy. We create an entire program, based on the things you want and need from life: physically, socially, intellectually and emotionally. Using our "Wheel of Wellness," our Wellness Coordinator will help you find the activities and people who can bring out your best in every facet of your life.

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Fitness Options

EquipmentFor your physical wellness, we offer an indoor heated swimming pool, Jacuzzi and Fitness Center with equipment and programs that can be tailored to your specific needs. Our Fitness Center is open 24 hours a day to accommodate our residents' workout schedules. The Fitness Center is equipped with a variety of equipment so you can vary your fitness routine. Our professional personal trainers help improve strength and flexibility and increase joint range of motion and stability. T'ai Chi, Zumba and Yoga classes are available. Water Aerobics is available in our indoor heated swimming pool. Epworth Villa also offers on-site Therapy Services.


Wellness Core Class Descriptions

Aquatic Exercise includes various exercises in the water to increase range of motion, balance and trunk stabilization.

Balance and Fall Prevention a beginning routine to help resolve balance disorders to regain independence and stability.  This class offers education on prevention of falls and getting up from a fall.

Flex & Stretch combines stretching and strengthening upper and lower extremities to increase coordination, circulation, and dynamic balance with hand weights, cords and bands.

Limber Up is a fusion of breathing and stretching for your total body to increase range of motion.

Line Dancing designed for fun and to stimulate memory, increase balance and fluid movements to the beat of music.

Tai Chi weight shifts train balance and body awareness leading to confident conditioning of the body.  Achieve stress reduction, and improve your balance and flexibility through gentle movement.

Chair Yoga teaches you yoga breathing skills which you can use at any time to decrease anxiety.  This class helps residents from chair level regain flexibility in their joints, connective tissues and muscles. 

Golden Swans Oklahoma City Ballet is hosting this fabulous fitness program that will help to improve agility and mobility while exploring ballet movements set to music.

Fitness on the Floors is the Flex and Stretch class brought to different locations in the building.

Personal Training develops a personal program that is geared toward the individual.  There is no cost associated with Personal Training for Residents.