Assisted Living

Epworth Villa Assisted Livng ResidentsWe see assisted living as a path to greater independence. We don’t think that needing more help with the tasks of daily living should isolate you; instead, our assisted living neighborhood is designed to feel like a warm, welcoming home, with all the attentive services and amenities our community has to offer. Residents enjoy the same fine dining as people in independent living, for example—with menus for special diets that don’t compromise taste.

Personal grooming, bathing and dressing and medication management are provided with Assisted Living. Our caring well-trained staff and comfortable suites provide for continued independence and a sense of well-being. Table service for meal delivery and fire and smoke detectors are all provided with those goals in mind. A full calendar of activities, events and outings keep residents engaged. Residents get the help they need and retain the self-determination to which we’re committed.

Epworth Villa Assisted Living ResidentsAt Epworth Villa, we are fully committed to helping our residents function and maintain a dignified quality of life. Our caring, compassionate staff creates and maintains relationships that are built on trust and respect. Our goal is to maintain a professional, caring environment where residents feel comfortable and secure.

Please contact us to schedule a tour to see what Epworth Villa's assisted living has to offer you or your loved one.

Epworth Villa Assisted Living Residents Enjoy:


  • Bible studies
  • Church services
  • Exercise classes
  • Current events discussion groups
  • Movie viewings
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Slide shows
  • Fun with Words
  • Bingo
  • Bridge
  • Singing and cooking groups
  • Build-Your-Own-Sundae
  • Tea Time
  • Men’s Coffee
  • Bunco
  • Scheduled shopping and outings

 Learn About Memory Care

For our assisted living residents there is a small one-time community fee and a month to month contract.