Wellness Class Descriptions

Wellness Core Class Descriptions

Aquatic Men’s Exercise is a vigorous upper and lower body strengthening class with use of equipment for resistive training, balance and trunk stabilization?

Aquatics Women’s Exercise includes various exercises in the water to increase range of motion, balance and trunk stabilization.

Balance and Fall Prevention a beginning routine to help resolve balance disorders to regain independence and stability.  This class offers education on prevention of falls and getting up from a fall.

Flex & Stretch combines stretching and strengthening upper and lower extremities to increase coordination, circulation, and dynamic balance with hand weights, cords and bands.

Limber Up is a fusion of breathing and stretching for your total body to increase range of movement allowing your limbs to move within max function.

Line Dancing designed for fun and to stimulate memory, increase balance and fluid movements to the beat of music.

Tai Chi weight shifts train balance and body awareness leading to confident conditioning of the body.  Achieve stress reduction, and improve your balance and flexibility through gentle movement.

Wheelers Bicycling in group, we ride together on two and three wheel bicycles around campus.  Bicycles are available for Residents in early spring through late fall.

Chair Yoga teaches you yoga breathing skills which you can use at any time to decrease anxiety that may flare up. This class benefits all levels but particularly for people who assume loss of flexibility is inevitable with aging.  This class helps residents from chair level regain flexibility in their joints, connective tissues and muscles. Increases ability to sleep, relieves pain and chronic constipation.