Epworth Dining


Our motto is: fun, fresh and fantastic!

Epworth Villa Dining Kitchen

The heart of Epworth Villa is its revamped dining areas: three distinct restaurants firing on all burners with unique menus and modern layout.

Executive chef Karl Rossdeutscher oversees hundreds of made-to-order meals each day for residents and their guests. His secret: top-flight ingredients, ranging from local produce to certified Angus beef, and an emphasis on the diners themselves.

Each restaurant features custom meal choices in inviting surroundings. 

Redbud Room

(106 seats; open 5-7 p.m.) is home to upscale gourmet dining and presentation in a welcoming setting. 


Bistro RenderingBistro

(72 seats, 11 a.m.-7 p.m.) cozy atmosphere, table service and classic menu invites diners to kick back for maybe just one more cup of coffee. 


77 seats; open 7 a.m.-2 p.m.) offers casual grab-and-go items for breakfast and lunch from in a cheerful two-story atrium flooded with natural light. 

Chef Rossdeutscher, a graduate of the culinary arts program at Platte College and former head chef of Territory Cellars, designed all aspects of the restaurants, from the dining areas to the kitchen layout to the menus. The result is an airy, open-concept floor plan and community hub that encourages feeding the body with nutritious options and nourishing the spirit with opportunities to meet and greet, lunch and linger.